Kizan data

Address  62 Yagi, Izushi Cho, Toyooka-city, Hyogo
TEL  0796-52-2033
Opened Business Hours. 10:30〜18:00
Closed Thursday
Parking Parking lot for one
※Call us, we will take you to our parking lot.

We are located near great clock tower that is one of the famous spots in Izushi. The great view of the clock tower from the tables on the 2nd floor is simply fantastic. We have many tables in our tatami-room on the 2nd floor suitable for customers in groups.


Taste both white buckwheat soba and black buckwheat soba

Why don`t you experience the world of Izushi Sara Soba?We serve both white buckwheat soba and black buckwheat soba. You can see the new world of Izushi Sara Soba.

White Buckwheat Soba

白(薬味)2Buckwheat seeds without its husk are used. It tastes light, and it is smooth in texture.

Black Buckwheat Soba

黒(薬味)It is a traditional Izushi soba of ground buckwheat seeds with husks.

Recommended way to eat

How to order?

One portion consists of 5 small plates. If you are still hungry, you can order extra plates.

1.Pour dashi into the cup.


2.Firstly enjoy the original taste of the soba dipped in dashisoup by itself


3.Add in the different seasonings and enjoy the way the taste changes. You could add in the whole raw egg, or just the yolk, either way is delicious.


Finally finish off meal by adding the hot soba water to the dashi soup for a delicious drink.


※Hot soba water is the water in which soba noodles are boiled.It has the fragrance and nutrients of the soba.




Sarasoba set(5 plates, Toppings)¥850


Add to

Sarasoba 1 plate…¥140


Small dish for alcohol





Orange juice…¥200
Oolong tea…¥200
Non-alcoholic beer…¥400

Alcoholic drinks

Asahi Super Dry
Izushi Roman(Local beer)…¥600
Plum wine…¥500



Distilled spirits

Barley shochu…¥500
Soba shochu…¥500


Banquet menu


Duck stew set…¥3,500

Duck Stew + Sashimi + Sarasoba 6 plates

Chicken stew set…¥3,000

Chicken Stew + Sashimi + Sarasoba 6 plates

Duck & Chicken stew set…¥3,800

Duck + Chiken Stew + Sashimi + Sarasoba 6 plates

all-you-can-drink(2 hours)…+¥1,500

Book up to 2 days before six or more people .


Speed Eating Contest

Let’s get Soba Tegata

What’s Soba Tegata?

You will get our original “Soba Tegata” when you eat more than 20 soba dishes (male), 15 soba dishes (female and kids). Get 3 “Soba Tegata” and bring them in. You will get our original “Soba Tegata Prime”, and also discount on each additional soba from \140 to \100 for one year. Get 3 “Soba Tegata Prime”and bring them in. You will get free soba for one person as well as the discount on additional soba. (Please let us know if you would like to get Soba Tegata.

Let’s challenge your limits!

If you eat more than 30 soba dishes and remain in the top 10. Your name will be put on the list of our eating contest as Top 10 contenders You and anyone that comes with you will get discounts on each additional soba from \140 to ¥100 as long as your name on our eating contest as one of the Top 10 contenders. (Please let us know if you would like to try our eating challenge.

Speed Eating Contest Board




We have parking lot for one car.
Call us in advance because the parking lot may be full.
When the parking lot is full, you can park in Otemae toll parking lot.
Parking fee is free when you pay more than \3,000 in our restaurant.

three hours from Kyoto

Kyoto-Jukan Expressway ( Kutsukake~Tanba) ~San-in Expressway Route9 ~turn right at Tanba IC

Bound for(Maizuru・Fukuchiyama) Turn right at Nobana(intersection)for Route426

Turn left at Deai (intersection) for Rute426 and turn right Otomebashi (intersection) for Izushi.

three hours from Osaka

Yokawa JCT,Chuugoku Expressway ~KasugaIC, Maizuru-Wakasa-Expressway ~Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway (toll road)~Tosaka Tunnel Toll Road (toll-free) ~WadayamaIC

When you see a road sign “crowded”, get off a freeway at the Santo IC right before Wadayama IC for Wadayama.

Go to the road at the right bank of Maruyama Riv. bound for “Yoka・Izushi”